Fields: Labor Economics, Empirical Microeconomics, Applied Theory


"Admissions Constraints and the Decision to Delay University”, The Scandinavian Journal of Economics (2019), with Kelly Foley, University of Saskatchewan

Online appendix

Who takes the child to the doctor? Mom, pretty much all of the time”, Applied Economics Letters, 1-10, 2017, with Moira Daly Copenhagen Business School

The Relationship between Age at First Birth and Mother's Lifetime Earnings: Evidence from Danish Data”, January 2016, PloS one 11.1 (2016): e0146989,

with Mallory Leung, Washington University in St. Louis and  Raul Santaeulalia-Llopis, MOVE-UAB and Barcelona GSE

In the media: Financial Times, The Economist 1843,, STL Public Radio  MIC Vocativ La Vanguardia Billfold psmag Psychology Today globalnewsca

The U-shapes of Occupational Mobility”, Review of Economic Studies, 82(2) April 2015

with Philipp Kircher, University of Edinburgh and Iourii Manovskii, University of  Pennsylvania

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Working Papers

"Educational Disparities in the Battle Against Infertility: Evidence from IVF Success”, under review, September 2018, with Daniela Iorio, Bologna University, Mallory Leung, Washington University in St. Louis and Raul Santaeulalia-Llopis, MOVE-AUB and Barcelona GSE

“The Macroeconomics of Sorting and Turnover in a Dynamic Assignment Model”, February 2018, under review,

with Simeon Alder, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Work in progress

“How much do Universities Trade Quality for Quantity in the Production of University Graduates?”

With Kelly Foley, University of Saskatchewan

“Reallocation of Workers over the Business Cycle”

with Daniel le Maire, University of Copenhagen and Nikolaj Harmon, University of Copenhagen

“Optimal Design of Funding for University Education”

With Chao Fu, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Nirav Mehta, University of Western Ontario

Other work

"Completion from Vocational Educations: A Register Based Analysis"

With Edith Madsen, Copenhagen Business School and Tróndur Møller Sandoy,

The University of the Faroe Islands.